I paint using oils onto plywood panels that have been gessoed and primed three times (with sanding in between to achieve a very smooth surface). I “Tray Frame” the painting (no glass) so that you can see right to the edge of the board without the rebate covering part of the work.

Due to the painstakingly long process of capturing detail reference photographs are used to work from in most cases and clients must be prepared to wait in order to receive exceptional results. The prices below are for Animal Portraits, to get a quote for a Family (human) portrait please get in touch.

Photo guidelines:

If you are local to Gloucestershire I can usually come and take my own reference photos however it is sometimes possible to use a clients photos:

  1. Fill the frame with the subject matter and shoot at the highest quality file size.

  2. Photograph outside if possible or near a window for natural light.

  3. Take several photos to capture your fourlegged friend's character, as it will help to build his/her character in the painting, but let me know which photo is the one you would like me to use for the pose - the painting will be a true representation of that one photo!

  4. Be prepared to take more photos if I feel what you send me is not quite what I'm looking for. For example if the photo you send is pixelated and I can't see all the details.

Once I have all the photos I need I would then ask a £50 deposit from you before I start the work. You can pay the deposit by bank transfer or by debit/credit card by following instructions on a Paypal invoice I would email to you (no Paypal account needed) or you can post a cheque. Just let me know what is your preference.

When I've almost finished the painting I will send a snap of the work in progress to you for any final adjustments. Once the painting is finished I would email you another photo for the final proof. I would then need the balance to be paid and I would varnish and frame the painting and post it to you! And of course if you are local I can drop the picture off or you can pick it up from my studio in Cirencester. 


Family (Human) Portraits

Please contact me for an accurate quote.

As a guide the ‘Family portrait’ above was 120cm in length cost £6500 and took 9 months to complete.

Animal Portraits:

Small 16” x 12” plywood panel £595

Medium 20” x 16” plywood panel £750

Large 24” x 20” plywood panel £925

Extra Large 32'“ x 24” plywood panel £1250

If you would like to have more than one fourlegged friend in the same painting, please get in touch for a quote, it will be much less than a price of two paintings!

Framing from £50 (contact me for details).

Photo session is free for 20 mile radius of Cirencester in the UK, £1 per mile away thereafter. (For example for me to come and photograph an animal in Central London will cost a client an additional £75).

P&P £20 in the UK, contact me for oversees estimates.

Please expect to wait between 3 - 6 months after commissioning me to receive the final piece, it is an extremely time heavy process and also I tend to get very booked up! If the painting is for a Special Occasion please contact me with the date well before to give me enough time to ensure the work is ready!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch!