Still Life

Sunflower Burst

Finally after a four year period I've picked up where I'd left off as regards my Expressive Paintings project. After much paint splattering, gestural arm movements and squirting colour from my syringes I managed to produce this Acrylic on board which I've named "Sunflower Burst"

"Sunflower Burst"

It is the first in a series of Sunflowers in vases meant as an homage to Van Gogh who painted seven versions of these amazing flowers in vases, initially to decorated his studio in the Yellow House in Arles in anticipation of his friend Gauguin coming to stay.

Mixing colour

It's nice to be working in this primal way again as it's the most natural style of expression for me as an Artist. Form is simplified, colour is applied expressively and hopefully, if the work is successful, the true nature of the subject matter shines through. My other art techniques such as the printmaking and illustration work that I do are more carefully considered and are a bit different in style.

Work in progress, the panel size is 100cm x 70cm

I stopped painting in this way four years ago when I became depressed and haven't been in the right frame of mind until now to continue. Those of you who are Creative Professionals will maybe understand what it's like to have Painters/Writers block where you just can't seem to get any decent work down! When you're in one of these phases, the harder you try, the more rubbish you produce. I had to sit it out and tackle less challenging and expressive work while I sorted my head out. Look out for lot's more expressive paintings this Summer!

Prints from the original are available here